Some of my ceramics are designed to have function and individuality. Others do not have a specific function during the design process, but once created, it’s clear what they should be.

I make different types of lights from small tea lights to electric lights that are over a metre in height. I also make large bowls and cylindrical vases. I am constantly striving to find the perfect shape, texture and colours.

I am a scientist by profession but ceramics is my real passion.

I make a variety of different ceramic pieces. Some are measured and precise and based on my love of symmetry, I guess that this comes from my scientific background. Other pieces are raw and organic and take their beauty from the clay. All of my work is hand built, I do not use slip cast moulds and as such each piece will be unique.


Mission Statement

This is a new web site and will be developing over time. If you have any feedback I would love to hear from you.